SRC WTV25B 3/4" Hook Loop, 25 yds., Black

Brand: SR Components
ADI #:R5-WTV25B Model #: WTV25B  Name: SRC WTV25B 3/4" Hook Loop, 25 yds., Black
  • DIMENSIONS – Nominal Width: 3/4 Inch (19.05mm) | Length: 75’ Feet (25 Yards) | Color: Black | Durable Nylon | Hook and Loop Cable Wrap | Hook and Loop Reusable Tape
  • MULTIPURPOSE – The design of the hook and loop fastener tape allows you to retain the tension you desire based on the wire size you are working with making it the optimal solution for a wide range of applications. Commonly used for hiding messy cables such as fiber optics, cable management, home theatres, entertainment systems, data cables, PC peripherals, telecom, sporting goods, packaging, medical devices, in-plant maintenance, and appliances.
  • MATERIAL – Hook and loop cable wrap is made with durable nylon that is self-attaching by design. Due to the hook and loop tape’s reusable design, you can pull apart the tape and reuse it multiple times without degrading the quality and strength of the material. The attractive hook and loop tape is an extremely reliable reusable tape-style fastener and allows for easy tension control for use on delicate lines.