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Sony Media VGC3EM


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Sony Media

Sony Media VGC3EM


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Product Overview

Equal vertical and horizontal operability

VG-C3EM body design makes it almost equally easy to control the camera in vertical and horizontal positions, thanks to keys and controls that are nearly the same as those on the back of the camera body. For example, the vertical grip provides a Multi Selector for fast selection of an AF point.

Grip-shape for assured hold

VG-C3EM provides a Grip-shape, allowing you to get an enhanced hold for confident shooting in vertical position that is virtually the same as that in horizontal position.

Nearly 2x longer stamina

VG-C3EM vertical grip loads two NP-FZ100 batteries in its housing. You can check the camera LCD monitor to see the remaining power of the battery in use as a percentage (1% minimum unit) on the power indicator. When the power of one battery runs out, the other battery automatically switches on to continue operation.

USB power charging via camera body

You can charge batteries loaded in the vertical grip, using the camera's USB port without detaching the grip from the camera body.

Highly rigid magnesium for exterior

Made of magnesium alloy, the same as α9, this grip is highly rigid and lightweight.

Careful attention to dust/moisture resistance

Effective dust- and moisture-resistant sealing is applied to key and controls, as well as ports and electric contacts, for tough usage in harsh shooting conditions.

Main Features

General Information

Name: Sony Media VGC3EM
Category: Sony Media, Pro AV, Video Production
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Country of Origin: TH. Country of origin is subject to change.


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