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AtlasIED IP116-D-CS Announcement Control System with 16-Dante Message Channels

IP116-D-CS | AT-IP116DC

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image of at-ip116dc

AtlasIED IP116-D-CS Announcement Control System with 16-Dante Message Channels

IP116-D-CS | AT-IP116DC

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Product Overview

The IP116-D-CS Announcement Control System (aka ACS) is the heart of AtlasIED's next generation GLOBALCOM enterprise wide communications management system. It manages the flow of announcements and messages between network endpoints such as digital communication stations, zone controllers, network power amplifiers, IP-based speakers and other types of IP endpoints. Additionally it serves as a gateway for external I/O devices, VoIP telephone systems and analog audio to be incorporated into the ecosystem. The IP116-D-CS model has the ability to interface with external systems via eight (8) built-in logic inputs and eight (8) built-in relay outputs as well as two (2) balanced line level audio inputs for background music input. The IP116-D-CS Controller supports VoIP communications with Audio over Ethernet (AoE) functionality using sixteen digital channels of Dante™ digital audio transport over the same network infrastructure simultaneously. Our VoIP is Wide Area Network (WAN) enabled allowing communication to be routed across an entire enterprise or to another LAN location.

Main Features

  • Manages dynamic requests for live, delayed and prerecorded messages (simple and assembled), record and playback of ad hoc messages, text-to-speech, mute actions (by zone or zone group) and two-way full duplex intercom connections
  • Allows up to 65,565 message priority levels with NeverMISS capability. If enabled, NeverMISS records live messages and plays back to busy page zones when they become available
  • Manages thousands of audio and video output zones over local or wide area networks utilizing a variety of industry standard IP based protocols
  • Announcements can be initiated by contact closures, microphone paging stations, open standard IP network commands, and the built-in VoIP telephone interface
  • Built-in interface to VoIP telephone systems via SIP and PBX Trunking as well as support for standard 3rd party FXO gateway devices

General Information

Name: AtlasIED IP116-D-CS Announcement Control System with 16-Dante Message Channels
Category: AtlasIED, Pro AV, Commercial Displays, Licenses, Software & Warranties
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