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ICC IC107L6RIV Keystone Jack, EZ, 400

IC107L6RIV | H2-107L6RIV

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image of h2-107l6riv

ICC IC107L6RIV Keystone Jack, EZ, 400

IC107L6RIV | H2-107L6RIV

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Product Overview

ICC's EZ Category 6 modular jacks, RJ-45 keystone jacks, is 8-position 8-conductor (8P8C) is engineered to provide superior performance and reliability, supporting Gigabit Ethernet applications and beyond. The advanced printed circuit board design is tuned to provide optimum signal quality with maximum headroom, allowing it to exceed TIA Category 6 performance standards. It offers superior signal quality and noise reduction due to its enhanced Near-End and Far-End Crosstalk cancellation and minimum return losses. The EZ connector's flat back IDC construction offers faster installation through its straight through in-line termination design and one piece snap-on termination cap.


  • CAT6 rated connectors provide excellent performance for data networks requiring max speed and bandwidth.
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE++) Type 4; up to 100 Watts.
  • PCB technology provides maximum performance and superior signal quality.
  • Enhanced crosstalk cancellation reduces return loss and improves performance by rejecting noise and unwanted signals.
  • Designed with in-line 110 IDC, in-sequence termination reducing termination time.
  • Terminate with 110 punch down tool or JackEasy Termination Tool.
  • One piece termination cap allows for a quick and easy termination.
  • Includes an integrated TIA-568A/B color wiring diagram.
  • Backward compatible with all lower rated category components.
  • Works with all Work Area Outlets faceplates, inserts, surface mount boxes.
  • Used with ICC Category 6 patch cords.
  • Exceeds ANSI/TIA-568-C requirements for permanent performances.
  • UL 1863 Compliant.

Main Features

General Information

Name: ICC IC107L6RIV Keystone Jack, EZ, 400
Category: ICC, Data Comm & Networking, Cable Connectors, Keystone Jacks
UPC Code: 633758093880
Country of Origin: TW. Country of origin is subject to change.