Mircom TX3-BBCX-4W Eight Door Control Cabinet Includes Power


The TX3-BBCX-4W Cabinet conveniently houses all the requirements for an eight door system installation saving installation labour and material costs. The single cabinet can house up to four, 2 door controllers, four batteries either 4 or 6 AH and a single power supply cabinet is provided for all the boards.

The RB-MD-1093 TX3 Series two door controller boards are ordered separately to match the installation requirements in multiples of two doors up to eight doors per cabinet. All the mechanical mounting hardware is provided with the cabinet including the lock and key.

Use the TX3-BBCX-4W cabinet for large installations when working with limited wall space and budgets. Use a single cabinet to control up to eight doors rather than mount four 2 door controller cabinets saving wall real estate and labour costs. Installation requires one conduit connection per eight door controllers saving material cost and labour.