NVT PoLRE 24-Port Ethernet/PoE Managed Switch

Brand: NVT Phybridge
ADI #:NV-NVPL024 Model #: NV-PL-024  Name: NVT PoLRE 24-Port Ethernet/PoE Managed Switch
  • PoLRE24: 24 Port Long Reach single pair UTP PoE (15 Watts) Managed Switch with 110VAC, 500 Watt / 220VAC, 1,000 Watt Power Supply - 1 YR warranty included
  • The PoLRE24 managed switch makes the modernization to IP devices (IoT) simple, secure and cost-effective.
  •  When paired with the PhyLink Adapter, this powerful enterprise-grade switch delivers fast Ethernet and PoE over single-pair UTP cable with up to 1 ,200ft (365m) reach - that’s 4Xs the reach of standard Ethernet switches. The PoLRE24 comes standard with robust power management capabilities and an industry leading, simple to use GUI interface.