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Lantronix C4110-4848 C4110 10GBase-X 2

C4110-4848 | P6-C41104848

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Lantronix C4110-4848 C4110 10GBase-X 2

C4110-4848 | P6-C41104848

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Product Overview

The C4110 is a fiber to fiber media converter module. It is protocol independent and supports data rates from 1Gbps to 11.5Gbps through two open SFP+ ports. This allows network managers to customize the C4110 with a pair of SFP+ modules to meet their network requirements. The open SFP+ port supports a wide variety of Lantronix 10Gbps SFP+ fiber modules. This any-rate to same-rate converter can be used to perform reliable and cost-effective single mode to multimode conversion or it can be used to provide wavelength conversion in CWDM applications. The ION C4110 is a manageable device when installed in a managed ION chassis.

Main Features

  • Fiber to fiber repeater
  • Remotely Managed when installed in a Managed ION Chassis
  • Supports data rates from 1 Gbps to 11.5 Gbps
  • Support Any-rate to Same-rate
  • Protocol Transparent supports: Ethernet: 10Gig LAN, 10Gig Wan, 1Gig LAN, Fiber Channel: 10, 8, 4, 2, 1Gig, SONET/SDN OC-192, OC-48
  • SFP to SFP or SFP+ to SFP+
  • Provides conversion between different types of fiber
  • Supported transmission distance based on the SFP modules and type of fiber used
  • Supports 3R (Reamplify, Reshape, and Retime) signal regeneration
  • No frame size limitations

General Information

Name: Lantronix C4110-4848 C4110 10GBase-X 2
Category: Lantronix, Data Comm & Networking, Media Converters & Transceivers, Media Converters
UPC Code: 648177039227
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.