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Lantronix C6210-3014 MEDIA CONVERTER- DS3-T3/ES CO

C6210-3014 | P6-C62103014

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image of p6-c62103014

Lantronix C6210-3014 MEDIA CONVERTER- DS3-T3/ES CO

C6210-3014 | P6-C62103014

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Product Overview

The DS3 - T3/E3 copper to fiber network interface device (NID) provides a solution for those users that need to extend DS3 connections over fiber.

The DS3 - T3/E3s supports Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceivers to support a variety of fiber types, distances and wavelengths to provide maximum flexibility across a variety of network topologies. The use of Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) SFPs can be utilized to further increase the bandwidth capacity of the fiber infrastructure.

The DS3 - T3/E3 NID must be used in pairs. A typical installation will include a chassis card installed in the ION Platform locally and a stand-alone device installed at the remote location.

Main Features

  • For efficient encoding/decoding of data into light pulses and then sending them to the other end as electrical signals for a dependable photoelectric conversion
  • Expand your network capacity and fulfill requirement with this 3 transceiver/media converter
  • with T3/E3 technology get up to 34.368 Mbps (E-carrier) or 44.736 Mbps (T-carrier) data transfer rate over service provider link
  • Takes minimal energy and effort to get installed internally

General Information

Name: Lantronix C6210-3014 MEDIA CONVERTER- DS3-T3/ES CO
Category: Lantronix, Data Comm & Networking, Media Converters & Transceivers, Media Converters
UPC Code: 648177031528
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