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Lantronix S6010-1011-JP T1/E1 to FIBER, MM ST, 2KM W/

S6010-1011 | P6-S61111JP

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Lantronix S6010-1011-JP T1/E1 to FIBER, MM ST, 2KM W/

S6010-1011 | P6-S61111JP

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Product Overview

Stand-alone DS1 - T1/E1 Remotely Managed NID

DS1 - T1/E1 over Fiber

The ION S6010 is a stand-alone managed media converter that offers a solution for extending DS1 - T1/E1 or PRI connections over fiber optic cabling. It provides fiber extension though a twisted pair RJ-48 port and a fiber port. These DS1 - T1/E1 converters must be used in pairs, one on each end of the fiber link. Management of the stand-alone converter is supported, in-band, over the fiber, when the remote S6010 is linked to a C6010 card installed in a managed ION Chassis. These DS1 - T1/E1 converters are available with fixed fiber connectors or an open SFP slot, with support for various fiber types, distances, and wavelengths to provide maximum flexibility for any network topology. CWDM SFPs can also be used to further increase the bandwidth capacity of the fiber infrastructure.

Main Features

  • Remote in-band management
  • Local or Remote Loopbacks - Copper or Fiber
  • Switch selectable for T1 or E1
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • LEDs for immediate visual status
  • Supports dual or single fiber
  • Supports multimode and single mode fiber at a variety of distances
  • Supports CWDM SFPs
  • SNMP management when used with ION chassis and management module
  • Remote stand-alone can be managed by local peer

General Information

Name: Lantronix S6010-1011-JP T1/E1 to FIBER, MM ST, 2KM W/
Category: Lantronix, Data Comm & Networking, Media Converters & Transceivers, Media Converters
UPC Code: 783384247000
Country of Origin: . Country of origin is subject to change.


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