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Potter PSN-106B Power Supply

Potter PSN-106B PSN Series 10A Conventional Power Supply with Outputs, Black Enclosure

PSN-106B | PL-PSN106B

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potter psn-106b power supply
Potter Electric Signal, LLC

Potter PSN-106B PSN Series 10A Conventional Power Supply with Outputs, Black Enclosure

PSN-106B | PL-PSN106B

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Product Overview

The PSN series of notification power supplies offers reliable notification power with unprecedented versatility. The power supplies offer either 6 or 10 amps of continuous power through 4 or 6 outputs respectively. Each output is rated at 3 amps and it may be used continuously without any derating. The power supply operates on either 120 VAC or 220 VAC power input and has a regulated 24 VDC output. In addition, the power supply can charge up to 55 AH batteries and leads the industry in housing up to 18 AH batteries. The cabinet is constructed out of 18 gauge cold rolled steel and has a durable red powder coat finish. In addition, a key lock is provided for securing the door. Ample electrical knockouts are provided on the sides and the top, allowing the installer options for running wires and maintaining the correct separations.

The power supply offers an industry leading Quadrasync function that allows for multiple strobe circuits of different brands to be synchronized to flash at the same time. The power supply can have four different brands each connected to its own circuit and all the strobes flash together. Each output can independently be configured to provide one of four synchronizations or steady power. This provides unequivocal flexibility in new and retrofit installations. The power supply can be configured to synchronize AMSECO®, Gentex®, Wheelock® and System Sensor® strobe devices. Each output can be configured to the same sync protocol or set independently. In addition, the power supply has an input Pass Thru mode which allows the outputs to follow the input signal from a non-supported synchronization protocol. The power supply will recognize the type of input being supplied and pass this through to the outputs with the same pattern. This input pass through can be selected on each output independently. The power supply contains simple dipswitch programming and LED indicators providing the installer the ability to correct any possible faults. A Trouble Memory is provided to allow an installer to review past troubles and make the necessary repairs. Each output has an LED to pinpoint the exact circuit where a trouble may have occurred. Relays are provided for monitoring the general system and AC failure. Each output and be independently configured for various applications and installations. Each output can be independently configured for Class A or Class B operation, constant power, ANSI Temporal Code 3, Single, Multiple or Combo Inputs or Door Holder Power.

Main Features

  • PSN-64 has 6 As regulated with 4 outputs
  • PSN-106 has 10 As regulated with 6 outputs
  • May be configured as up to three class"A" Style"Z" notification circuits
  • Two Trouble relays (5A at 30VDC) General System Trouble (programmable for AC delay) Low AC Trouble with optional delay settings
  • Diagnostic LED's Status LED's for Active NAC and NAC Trouble conditions.
  • Quadrasync feature synchronizes strobes from AMSECO, Gentex, Cooper-Wheelock and System Sensor.
  • Configurable output circuits (DIP switch sets options for each circuit)
  • Reference EOL allows 2K - 27K EOL value to be used
  • Pass Thru mode allows the outputs to match the input signal from FACP

General Information

Name: Potter PSN-106B PSN Series 10A Conventional Power Supply with Outputs, Black Enclosure
Category: Potter Electric Signal, LLC, Batteries & Power Supplies, Power Supplies & Boards, Power Supplies
UPC Code: 785192021445
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.


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