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RDL TX-TPR2A Active Two-Pair Receiver, Twisted Pair Format-A


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Radio Design Labs

RDL TX-TPR2A Active Two-Pair Receiver, Twisted Pair Format-A


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Product Overview

The TX-TPR2A is a two-pair audio receiving module compatible with RDL Format-A twisted pair products. Two outputs are provided corresponding to the two signal pairs B and C. The audio signal received on each pair of the RJ45 INPUT jack feeds the corresponding -10 dBV unbalanced output and the +4 dBu balanced output on the detachable terminal block. A studio-quality buffer amplifier feeds the outputs at the correct operating level.

The TX-TPR2A features bridging inputs, allowing it to be connected to the LOOP OUT jack of other receivers. The bridging input circuits used in all FORMAT-A twisted pair receivers allow connection of up to 10 receiver outputs for each cable pair. The possibility of multiple receiver locations adds enormous flexibility in the design of audio routing systems using RDL FORMAT-A products.

The TX-TPR2A may be powered directly from a 24 Vdc power supply. Local power connected to the module is also fed to all modules connected to the INPUT RJ45 jack. The TX-TPR2A may be remotely powered through the twisted pair cable from any other module, signal distributor or RDL power inserter connected to the same twisted pair cable. Module power is indicated by a front-panel LED.

Main Features

  • Two -10 dBV Unbalanced or +4 dBu Balanced Outputs
  • Detachable Terminal Block Outputs
  • Audio Outputs for Two Pairs (B and C)
  • Powered Locally or Remotely through RJ45 Jack
  • Local Power Feeds all Modules Connected to RJ45
  • Wiring Fault Protection by Automatic Resetting Fuse
  • Local Power Input on dc Power Jack
  • Blue LED Indicates Module is Powered
  • Studio-Quality Precision Active Balanced Circuitry

General Information

Name: RDL TX-TPR2A Active Two-Pair Receiver, Twisted Pair Format-A
Category: Radio Design Labs, Residential AV, Residential Audio, AV Receivers
UPC Code: 813721012753
Country of Origin: . Country of origin is subject to change.


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