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Dahua GSFP-1310R-20-SMF Media Converters,1 1550 nm|1310 nm

GSFP-1310R-20-SMF | VD-GFP13R2SF

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image of vd-gfp13r2sf

Dahua GSFP-1310R-20-SMF Media Converters,1 1550 nm|1310 nm

GSFP-1310R-20-SMF | VD-GFP13R2SF

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Product Overview

Series Overview

Industrial Optical Module Series is a hot-pluggable device with a unique sturdy design. Developed to adapt to even the harshest of environments, it has a wide operating temperature range and is Plug and Play (PnP)


This Series is widely used in various broadband data transmission scenarios, such as in intelligent traffic, telecom, security, finance, custom, shipping, electricity, water conservancy and oil fields. It is also suitable for work with switches and other devices.

Functions | Wide Operating Temperature

Developed to operate in extreme conditions, the device functions in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +85 °C, easily adapting to harsh environments.

Plug and Play

No configuration is required. Suitable for terminal connection.

Main Features

  • SFP offers enhanced dependability with maximum productivity
  • 1.25 Gigabit Ethernet Ethernet technology for increasing efficiency with the quicker transfer and sharing of information
  • Optical Fiber media support for efficient and reliable connectivity
  • For transmitting data at gigabit speed over hundreds of miles with little integrity loss, single-mode fiber optic is an ideal solution
  • Hot-pluggable form factor for added reliability and dependability
  • SFP with optical network application/usage for maximum dependability and convenience

General Information

Name: Dahua GSFP-1310R-20-SMF Media Converters,1 1550 nm|1310 nm
Category: Dahua, Video Surveillance, Data Comm & Networking, Networking Devices, Media Converters & Transceivers, Media Converters, Media Converters
UPC Code: 810053975251
Country of Origin: China. Country of origin is subject to change.