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Viking X-35-SS-EWP Video Door Phone Sub Station


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Viking Electronics

Viking X-35-SS-EWP Video Door Phone Sub Station


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Product Overview

The Viking X-35-SS-EWP is a flush- mounted IP entry phone with built-in 2080p Full HD camera and full duplex intercom. Designed for entry control at doorways, gateways, and similar spaces, the entry phone features an HD camera with wide-angle lens and low light sensitivity to improve security by enabling visual identification. The single stainless steel button with blue LED light to indicate status. The button can call up to 5 extensions, which you can configure using the web-based GUI. Viking X-35-SS-EWP is a SIP entry phone compatible with a range of VoIP systems and services. It is also Multicast paging compatible. Connect peripherals like a door strike or strobe light using the 2A relay contacts. X-35-SS-EWP connects to the network via a Gigabit Ethernet port with PoE support. The corrosion resistant stainless steel faceplate with laser etched graphics and Torx security screws limit vandalism. Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) meets the IP66 standard against dust and water ingress and includes foam rubber gaskets, sealed connections, and urethane or thermal plastic potted circuit boards. Viking X-35-SS-EWP is ONVIF Profile S compliant.

Main Features

  • Built with rugged and vandal-resistant materials to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and potential tampering or vandalism
  • Features an IP65-rated weatherproof enclosure, providing protection against dust, water, and extreme temperatures for reliable outdoor operation
  • Enables two-way video and audio communication between visitors and occupants, allowing for clear and efficient communication before granting access
  • Offers high-resolution video quality for clear and detailed images of visitors, ensuring accurate identification and enhanced security.
  • Equipped with a wide-angle camera to capture a broader field of view, providing better visibility of visitors and surroundings
  • Includes a built-in speaker and microphone for clear and hands-free communication between the visitor and the occupant

General Information

Name: Viking X-35-SS-EWP Video Door Phone Sub Station
Category: Viking Electronics, Communications, Intercoms & Telephone Entry, Intercom Door Stations
UPC Code: 6156872272916
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.