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AXIS 02246-001 Subscription 1 Year

02246-001 | Z4-02246001

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Axis Communications

AXIS 02246-001 Subscription 1 Year

02246-001 | Z4-02246001

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Product Overview

AXIS Audio Manager Center is a subscription-based service for remote management and monitoring of multisite systems using AXIS Audio Manager Edge locally. The hybrid cloud solution uses both cloud-based and on-premises components for a convenient and stable solution. It significantly reduces user workloads, with a single sign-on to schedule announcements, background music, ads, and more for selected sites or zones. It’s simple to set up and adjust zones, content, and schedules, without downtime. Furthermore, health monitoring provides immediate notifications if any part of the system isn’t working. A no-cost version with a limited feature set is also available.

Main Features

  • Central control of thousands of sites
  • Multisite scheduling
  • System health monitoring
  • Customizable user permissions
  • Built-in secure remote access

General Information

Name: AXIS 02246-001 Subscription 1 Year
Category: Axis Communications, Video Surveillance, Software, Software
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