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Utilizing Video Surveillance for Outdoor Security

In an ever-evolving world, the need for robust outdoor security solutions has never been greater. Turing SkyShield and SolarShield are revolutionary products that are reshaping the landscape of outdoor security. Powered by the cutting-edge Turing Vision technology and advanced AI, these solutions offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind in different environments.

“Addressing customer needs has always been at the forefront of our efforts,” said Chris Zenaty, President of Turing AI, emphasizing the dedication to resolving customer challenges.

Overcoming challenges with outdoor security solutions

In the realm of outdoor security, challenges often arise that demand innovative solutions. Whether it's power constraints, complex setups, or high costs, finding the right balance of effectiveness and efficiency is paramount. Here, we delve into the biggest hurdles faced by users of outdoor security products and why Turing emerges as the go-to choice for addressing these challenges head-on.

Power constraints

"The primary challenge echoed by many users is power availability. Operating in city and county environments often presents hurdles in securing power sources for surveillance setups,” as noted by Bryce Barnes, Owner of Elite Security Installation. “Traditional solutions like trailers prove costly and cumbersome. In contrast, Turing's offerings, such as SkyShield and SolarShield, provide efficient alternatives that not only alleviate power concerns but also offer cost-effective deployment.

Complex setups

Setting up outdoor security systems shouldn't require a degree in networking, yet it often does,” said John Morris, System Specialist at Mountain Alarm. He also highlighted the frustration of dealing with complicated configurations, especially in environments with obstructive architectural features like stucco or decorative rock facades. “Turing's streamlined solutions eliminate the need for intricate setups, offering a user-friendly approach that simplifies deployment without sacrificing effectiveness," Morris added.

High costs

In rural areas like farms and wineries, surveillance is crucial. Traditional solutions like trailers are costly and cumbersome. However, with options like SkyShield or SolarShield, Turing provides affordable and space-efficient alternatives. These solutions excel in harsh conditions, ensuring reliable surveillance. “We continued to improve our outdoor solutions to address remote site pain points by enhancing durability, optimizing power efficiency, and refining user-friendly features.” explained Mike Hendrix, Directors of Sales Engineers of Turing AI.

Vertical markets for outdoor solutions

While challenges may vary across vertical markets, the demand for effective outdoor security solutions remains universal. From rural farming and ranch areas to bustling city centers, the need for reliable surveillance is omnipresent. Turing's solutions cater to a wide range of verticals, including:

  • Agriculture: Rural farming, ranch areas, and remote locations with limited access to power
  • Auto and RV Dealerships: Providing security solutions for theft-prone lots
  • Golf Courses: Protecting recreational areas from unauthorized access and vandalism
  • Public Storage Facilities: Safeguarding valuable assets stored in outdoor facilities
  • Port Security: Offering surveillance solutions for commercial waterways to ensure safety and prevent unauthorized access
  • Educational Institutions and Hospitals: Providing comprehensive surveillance for safety and security on campuses and medical facilities
  • City and County Governments: Offering quick deployment options for public safety initiatives, such as monitoring parks, trails, and public spaces
  • Smart Cities: Integration into urban infrastructure for enhanced monitoring and management, contributing to overall safety and efficiency

Turing SkyShield: Redefining outdoor security

Recipient of the prestigious 'New Product of the Year' award from ADI Global Distribution, Turing SkyShield stands at the forefront of outdoor security innovation. With customizable camera solutions supporting various SIM card carriers, SkyShield offers unbeatable value and competitive pricing along with centralized management for comprehensive oversight, anytime, anywhere. Let's delve into its standout features:

  • Rapid Deployment for Security Anywhere: With SkyShield, security deployment becomes effortless. Its swift installation allows for flexible coverage in diverse outdoor settings, ranging from bustling construction sites to remote areas requiring vigilant monitoring.
  • Customizable Solutions for Every Situation: SkyShield's versatility shines through its customizable features. Tailor each unit to meet specific requirements, from adjusting camera angles to enabling night vision and audio recording—ensuring personalized security tailored to your needs.
  • Smart Security with Advanced AI: Harnessing the power of AI-driven video analytics, SkyShield offers intelligent security capabilities and detects and tracks objects with precision, minimizing false alarms and enhancing monitoring accuracy.
  • Centralized Management: Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple monitoring platforms. SkyShield's centralized cloud security system allows seamless management of all cameras, and locations, streamlining the security oversight process.
  • Remote Power/Router management: Remotely monitor router status and reboot the system with a single click without having to be on site.
  • Time Lapse: Capture the evolution of building projects with the new Time Lapse feature. Condensing long-term development into visually captivating videos, Time Lapse offers a unique way to document and showcase progress.

What's included in SkyShield?

What´s included in SkyShield?

SolarShield: Sustainable outdoor security

Combining the best features of SkyShield with solar-powered energy, SolarShield sets a new standard in environmentally friendly outdoor security solutions. The solution is:

  • Versatile and Robust: Regardless of weather conditions, SolarShield ensures consistent energy production. Its adaptability guarantees uninterrupted security even during bad weather or limited sunlight.
  • Remote Power Management: Stay informed and in control with SolarShield's remote power management capabilities. Monitor battery status and reboot units remotely, ensuring seamless operation at all times.

What's included in SolarShield?

What´s included in SolarShield?

These established solutions represent a new frontier in outdoor security. Whether safeguarding construction sites, parking lots, or remote areas, Turing SkyShield and SolarShield offer unmatched protection and reliability. To explore how these innovative solutions can enhance your security infrastructure, reach out today. Secure your customer’s future with Turing's proven outdoor solutions.

What´s included in SkyShield?

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