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In the world of commercial AV, digital signage is an ever-changing and growing market. With that comes a greater need to keep on top of trends to meet the individual goals of each project as well as tackle large-scale rollouts.

“The power of digital signage to address a range of challenges is what keeps things interesting,” said Michelle Montazeri, Manager of Digital Signage at Legrand | AV. “Exciting trends like personalization, interactivity, big data and improved experiences are great conversation starters on the value of digital signage with decision makers. If we can get across what’s possible to make lives easier and enhance consumer experiences with a brand, we can overcome a lot of the initial hesitations.”

Since Legrand | AV works closely with leading display and content system manufacturers, they get the advantage of a larger view toward trends in the industry. Here are the latest trends they're hearing about.

Quick Serve Restaurants

Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) have perhaps seen the most dramatic shift into digital signage. Self-service kiosks can save on labor costs because customers place orders through a touchscreen or kiosk.

Order status boards are another growing trend that improves the experience by allowing customers to check the status of their order. Between in person, kiosk, and ordering ahead by smartphone, QSRs are definitely catering the experience to individual preferences.


Currently, the biggest push in retail is individualizing the customer journey, says Montazeri. When a customer walks into an environment, they want to choose how they’ll interact with digital signage. That may include speech or touch interactions, or maybe the display provides a code for the customer inspecting the physical product so they can order it from their phone for home delivery.

“The trend is toward providing equity of experience through technology that delivers the type of interaction that works best for the customer,” Montazeri said.


Return on investment is another big trend in digital signage. Corporations are facing high real estate costs and must maximize return on any investments. Businesses are shifting from experiential designs to “how do I sell the space?” Digital signage can help get the most out of spaces by measuring analytics. Signage can be set up to determine who is using a space, how they are using it, and how to manage downtime effectively.

If integrators can present ways to save costs with digital signage — through energy efficiency, targeted advertising and simply enticing people through the door — they’ll be well equipped to justify the expense for successful revenue streams.


Transportation is a notable industry where digital signage plays a major role in operational efficiency, Montazeri says. Wayfinding and up-to-date, easily understandable schedules are vital in getting people where they need to be. At the same time, airports are basically giant malls with an abundance of opportunity for digital signage. A simple kiosk with a QR code for placing an order can have your purchase shipped directly to your home — no need to check any bags.

Where Legrand | AV Fits In

These aren’t the only applications affected by shifting digital signage trends. Legrand | AV has seen changes in digital signage usage for outdoor applications, education, large venues, banking, hospitality, fitness, healthcare, houses of worship, manufacturing and others.

Once the content strategy and display selection are worked out, Legrand | AV is a key resource for the foundational needs for digital signage systems –– mounts, kiosks, storage, connectivity, power and more.

Legrand | AV’s Digital Signage team specializes in providing end-to-end support throughout the entire process – including project design, completing site surveys, providing technical drawings and offering technical support for solutions. Close connections with manufacturing partners and the AV design community help avoid potential supply chain issues, not to mention a wealth of experience to identify solutions that address your objectives.

For further assistance, the Solutions Engineering team is on deck to help with free system design, product swaps, diagrams and training.

When it comes to direct view LED digital signage, Legrand | AV understands the unique challenges this technology presents. The TiLED Solution Services team helps with personalized design consultation, securing experienced labor, and mitigating risk. You choose the level of service you need behind the sign to create stunning video wall displays that delight audiences.

Legrand | AV’s free 3D Design Tool for Racks and LED Walls helps you design and order the right solutions to create the video wall system you envision. And yes, that same online tool configures racks for when your video wall needs that extra support. Legrand | AV also offers the Fusion multi-display configurator for LCD applications.

For a deeper dive into digital signage, check out the Digital Signage Trends eBook.

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