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    Residential outdoor weatherproof speakers add value to homes while delivering clear and crisp sound in small or large areas for entertainment. Properties and businesses in the restaurant or retail industries also benefit from commercial outdoor speakers year-round for daily operations.

    Outdoor speakers are made to be durable and withstand extreme temperatures or weather elements. However, there are several factors to consider that could affect their overall performance and longevity when integrated into AV systems.

    We compiled some suggestions to consider when installing or working with outdoor speakers.

    Creating the ideal outdoor sound experience

    Whether your customer is looking to add outdoor speakers to their entire property or simply enhance a small patio, adding high-quality sound to their setting is possible. You will first need to determine how much sound is needed and what purpose it will serve.

    For instance, will the speakers be set up in a big or small backyard? Keeping in mind the space the sound will need to fill, outdoor speakers need to provide rich and clear sound for gatherings, events or personal use. Also, if installing in a residential neighborhood, you’ll likely consider offering your customers volume control products to seamlessly control their audio devices.

    For the best sound possible in different applications, you'll need to carefully consider the size of the speaker and cone.Outdoor speakers need to deliver a strong bass that often comes from larger speakers with a good low-frequency response. Additionally, these larger speakers also come with bigger cones for more bass.

    Another factor to consider is the area of the backyard or outdoor space the speakers will be installed. If homeowners want to listen from further away or entertain a crowd out in the yard, speakers designed to sit on the ground or mount on in-ground stakes are the right, permanent solution.

    Besides encompassing sound, some customers may also prioritize the aesthetic of their outdoor speaker setup. For a sound experience that is heard and felt but not seen, offer environmental speakers that look like rocks and can blend into their surroundings to not take away from a landscape view. Some environmental speakers can even be buried in the soil to broadcast music in a 360-degree pattern from the top of the speaker while the rest of it is out of sight.

    What you'll need for outdoor audio installations

    Although it's in the name, outdoor speakers must be able to withstand outdoor elements like temperature, rain, snow and more. When choosing the best speakers for a project, it's critical to select speakers that are categorized as weatherproof, water-resistant or waterproof. In most cases, speakers will contain a weather-resistant shell that securely protects the electrical components.

    After you've decided on the right outdoor speakers for the job, you'll need to look at accessories and other equipment needed to install them. One important thing to keep in mind about these devices is that most require wall mounting and wiring.

    Mounting wired speakers in a backyard or outdoor area is a good choice when there is space to integrate them on walls or under decks. These outdoor speakers feature a stereo configuration with left and right inputs to help fill a space with richer audio.

    However, it's important to note that they have a more limited range of projecting sound because they can only be adjusted up to a certain degree until hitting a wall. They can also disrupt the view or design of an outdoor space.

    Regularly, outdoor speakers are sold in pairs, while others are available as individual parts. If the space is available, it's recommended to install a pair of speakers for a unique and vibrant outdoor listening experience.

    If you're unsure which outdoor speakers are the best choice for your next outdoor sound installation, our Systems Design experts can help answer all your product and systems questions.