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Low-voltage solutions for senior care facilities involve implementing various technologies and systems to help enhance the safety, comfort and overall wellbeing of seniors. These solutions focus on creating a supportive and secure environment for seniors, while many are aimed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by older adults such as fall prevention, remote monitoring or assistance with daily activities. ADI's extensive selection of products and services are designed to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next senior care facility project.

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Alert Caregivers and Staff

Low-voltage emergency call systems throughout a facility or residence enable seniors to call for assistance in case of emergencies or accidents. These systems typically consist of strategically placed call buttons, wireless transmitters and receivers that alert caregivers or staff members. By promptly alerting caregivers or staff members, these systems ensure that seniors receive timely aid, enhancing their safety and peace of mind. ADI offers patient stations, emergency pull cord stations, call lights and more.

Offer Secure Access

Low-voltage access control systems help ensure the safety of seniors by monitoring the premises and restricting unauthorized access. Proximity cards combined with card readers and keypads allow for easy entry and exit while still being secure. Touchless solutions allow quick movement and access to already secured areas while helping to minimize touchpoints for sanitary or convenience reasons. These systems can be integrated with alarms or emergency response mechanisms for enhanced security.

Monitor for Safety and Wellbeing

Remote monitoring systems offer valuable support in senior care settings. Low-voltage cameras, microphones, and other sensors can be strategically placed to enable caregivers or family members to observe seniors remotely. This not only provides reassurance and a sense of security but also allows for prompt responses to potential issues. Remote monitoring systems help caregivers keep a close eye on seniors' wellbeing, detect any signs of distress and intervene quickly when necessary, helping to ensure their safety and overall welfare.

Detect and Prevent Falls

Low-voltage solutions can help detect and prevent falls. Products such as patient wandering devices and fall detection pendants can send immediate alerts to caregivers or medical professionals, allowing for prompt assistance. Motion sensors can alert of unexpected movement or presence of an elder resident or patient in a hallway. ADI offers patient wandering devices, motion sensors and bed sensors that can help create a safe and secure environment for seniors.

Light the Way

Safety lighting systems can significantly contribute to the overall safety of senior care environments, offering adequate illumination during nighttime or in areas with low visibility. Motion-activated nightlights, pathway lighting or LED strips that highlight steps or potential obstacles can be integrated into the infrastructure. By ensuring sufficient visibility, installing lighting solutions effectively help prevent falls and accidents, allowing seniors to navigate their surroundings with confidence and reducing the risk of injuries.

Ensure Fire Protection

Keep residents, patients and staff safe at senior care facilities by having appropriate fire protection equipment in place. ADI offers the fire solutions you need for your senior care facility projects, including fire alarm control panels, heat detectors, strobes and more. Having the right fire solutions is crucial for safeguarding lives, protecting valuable assets and equipment, alerting residents and staff of a fire and ensuring peace of mind for everyone in the facility.  

Improve Energy Efficiency

Having energy efficient features is also important for senior care facilities in order to offer an appropriate level of comfort to residents and patients while staying within their operating budget. These solutions can include energy management systems such as smart thermostats and power monitoring devices. These technologies help optimize energy usage, reduce utility costs and create a sustainable living environment for seniors.

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ADI's team of industry expert technicians, installers, project managers, programmers and engineers combine to provide a comprehensive suite of services. With our knowledgeable sales staff and services like systems design, project registration and more, we can help you with all aspects of any installation.

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Regardless of the size of the senior care facility, ADI has you covered. With our robust selection of products from top quality national and exclusive brands, you'll have everything you need to successfully complete any project. Whether your needs are big or small, we'll provide you with the right solutions for your customers.

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ADI offers over a hundred top-selling brands in AV, security, video surveillance, fire and other low-voltage industries. With just a few simple clicks, you’ll have convenient access to thousands of products from these brands that can offer you the best senior care solutions for any customer or project.

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Our Systems Design service provides installers with recommendations and best practice knowledge to ensure successful system integrations. We have a knowledgeable team of industry experts that offer you integration tips, product recommendations and product comparisons for your projects.

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