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Command Access PM300 Power Booster Module

Command Access PM300 Power Booster Module

PM300 | 0L-PM300

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Command Access PM300 Power Booster Module
Command Access Technologies

Command Access PM300 Power Booster Module

PM300 | 0L-PM300

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Product Overview

The patented Command Access PM300 series power booster module is an interface module that connects between the solenoid circuit of a latch-pullback exit device and the power supply. The PM series modules have been offering a reliable, cost-effective interface solution for exit devices for nearly a decade. The PM300 series modules integrate all the upgrades and improvements we’ve made over the years and are available for nearly all exit device applications.

Over the past decade our customers have discover different uses for this module which include the following:
  • Allows a solenoid-driven exit device to be used with a lower cost power supply - The PM300 provides a local power boost and will work with most 1.5 A or greater, 24VDC, non-switching power supplies, eliminating the need for the expensive “speciality” power supply.
  • Longer wire runs from the power supply to the exit device – Since the PM300 is the located in the exit device the allowable distance between the power supply and the exit device without compromising the performance of the device increases significantly.
  • Gives a needed boost to an anaemic power supply/exit device installation – For various reason our customers have encountered conditions where the PM300 saves the day! The anaemic conditions could be due to marginal power supply, minor device binding, too small of gauge wire run, too long of a wire run to name a few.

Main Features

  • Standard model designed to work with 24V DC regulated power supplies
  • Maximize your wire run up to 700’ with 2-18ga
  • Local power boost gets rid of those sluggish solenoid devices
  • Robust solid state components insure this unit is long lasting

General Information

Name: Command Access PM300 Power Booster Module
Category: Command Access Technologies, Access Control, Batteries & Power Supplies, Power Products, Power Supplies & Boards, Power Supplies, Power Supplies
UPC Code: 197163057290
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.