Honeywell Home V1550RFKT6 11-Piece VISTA Control Kit, (1)467, (1)5800PIR-RES, (3)5816WMWH, (1)5834-4, (1)6150RF, (1)620, (1)621, (1)VISTA-15P, (1)WAVE2

Brand: Honeywell Home
ADI #:V1550RFKT6 Model #: V1550RFKT6  Name: Honeywell Home V1550RFKT6 11-Piece VISTA Control Kit, (1)467, (1)5800PIR-RES, (3)5816WMWH, (1)5834-4, (1)6150RF, (1)620, (1)621, (1)VISTA-15P, (1)WAVE2
  • IP and cellular radio alarm reporting and upload/download capability via LTE
  • Six on-board hardwired zones
  • Supports two graphic touchscreen keypads
Honeywell Home 467 12V 4000 mAh Sealed Lead Acid Battery for Alarm Systems
Honeywell Home 5800PIR-RES Entry-Level Wireless PIR Motion Sensor with Pet Immunity, 35' x 40' Range
Honeywell Home 5816WMWH Door/Window Transmitter with Hardware, White
Honeywell Home 5834-4 4-Button Wireless Key Fob
Honeywell Home 6150RF Fixed Display Keypad for VISTA Systems, English
Honeywell Home 621 RJ31X Telephone Jack
Honeywell Home 620 7' Telco Connector Cord
Honeywell Home VISTA-15P VISTA Security Control Panel, 14.5" H x 3" W x 12.5" L
Resideo WAVE2 Indoor 2-Tone Siren, 106 dB